Quotes from Samantha Morgan June 4, 2010

Professional Archer and Host of Mathews Life on the Road Samantha Morgan has been involved in archery since the early age of 8. She has made quite a name for herself in the archery world. With three World Titles and numerous national titles under her belt she is already one of the most dominate women archers of all time. Samantha was introduced to the competitive side of archery at 8 but was more recently introduced to the sport of bow hunting at the age of 18 by her father Joe Kline. Samantha, her younger sister Jessica, and her father Joe hunted together in southern PA where Samantha was born and raised. She harvested her first bow kill in the fall of 2004 with Joe by her side and she fell in love with hunting altogether. She met her husband Levi in 2006 at the Gainesville Fl. Pro-Am where they were both competing professionally.  Samantha says “I am truly grateful to my dad for introducing me to this sport because it has been really good to me and that’s where I met the love of my life” and “I want to thank my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for blessing my life and giving me the opportunity to do what I love.  He has allowed me to travel the world and meet some unbelievable people along the way.” Levi introduced Samantha to a new kind of hunting, a little something called the Mid-West. Samantha has now harvested numerous large animals with her bow and not one without Levi right there to guide her in the right direction. Levi says “out of all the people I have ever hunted with that girl is a killing machine. She has nerves of steel, and she just has that hunter instinct that you can’t just teach someone.” Samantha is rapidly shooting her way to the top in the hunting world to match her accomplishments on the other end of her Life on the Road. When Samantha is not hunting or competing she enjoys spending time with her family, playing basketball, dancing, and watching Steelers football.  Samantha has two sisters, Jennifer and Jessica and she was raised by her wonderful parents Joe and Jamie Kline in Uniontown, PA who instilled the values and character that molded Samantha in to the successful young woman that she has become.  Samantha says “I am really looking forward to the 2009 hunting season more than ever.  We’re going after a lot of big deer and I’m going to try my best to outdo Levi this year”.

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