Bare Shaft Tuning
Gold Tip recommends bare shaft tuning for any setup shot with a finger release. In order to use this method you will need two fletched arrows and two bare shafts. Follow the illustrations below to fine tune your setup.
This diagram depicts optimal tuning for the bare shaft tuning method. Bare shafts and fletched arrows should have very similar impact points.

  Optimal Tuning      
Stiff Arrow
Possible Corrections :
- Use a longer Shaft
- Use a lighter spined shaft
- Add weight to the insert using
Gold Tips weight system or by
adding a heavier weight point
- Decrease cushion plunger
tension or rest side tension
- Add poundage to the limbs 1/8 turn at a time
Weak Arrow
Possible Corrections :
- Cut Shafts shorter 1/4" at a time
- use a stiffer spined arrow
- Decrease point weight
Decrease poundage 1/8 tum at a time
Add weight to the rear of the shaft
- with wraps, fletching, or Gold
tension or rest side tension
- Inreases plunger tensions
  Lock Nock Point
Possible Corrections :
- Move nock point up
- Move arrow rest down
  High Nock Point
Possible Corrections :
- Move nock point down
- Move arrow rest up
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